Windows Phone “Mango”: 開発者向けリソース


  1. MSDNライブラリ上の公式ドキュメント Official Windows Phone Developer documentation
    1. Windows Phone SDKの最新情報 What’s new in the Windows Phone SDK
    2. コードサンプル Code Samples for Windows Phone
    3. ‘How To’ index、目的・用途に応じたアプリケーションの実装方法:
      1. Silverlight と XNA の共存: How to: Combine Silverlight and the XNA Framework in a Windows Phone Application
      2. プロファイラ: How to: Improve the Responsiveness of Your Application Using the Windows Phone Profiler
      3. アプリケーションの切り替え (Fast App Switching): How to: Preserve and Restore Application State
      4. データベース: How to: Create a Basic Local Database Application for Windows Phone
      5. ソケット (TCP): How to: Create and Use a TCP Socket Client Application for Windows Phone
      6. ソケット (UDP): How to: Create and Use a UDP Socket Client Application for Windows Phone
      7. カメラ: How to: Create a Base Camera Application for Windows Phone
      8. カメラ: How to: Extend the Pictures Hub with App Connect for Windows Phone
      9. オーディオ: How to: Play Background Audio for Windows Phone
      10. 定期実行エージェント: How to: Implement Scheduled Tasks for Windows Phone
      11. モーションAPI API: How to: Use the Combined Motion API for Windows Phone
      12. 検索の拡張: How to: Extend Search with App Connect for Windows Phone
      13. タイル: How to: Create, Delete, and Update Tiles for Windows Phone
  2. トレーニングキット: Windows Phone Mango Training Course.
  3. Channel 9ビデオ: The Inside Windows Phone Show on Channel 9.
    1. Inside the Mango Camera APIs
    2. Search Extras in Mango
    3. Sockets in Mango
    4. Inside the Mango Documentation
  4. ゲーム開発者向けリソース: App Hub Game Developer Resources, updated for Mango.
    1. What’s new for games in Windows Phone OS 7.1
    2. Game State Management
    3. Migration Guide: From the Game Class to Silverlight/XNA
    4. Model Viewer Demo
  5. 開発ツールのダウンロード

ソースはWindows Phone Developer Blogの Resources for Windows Phone Mango Developers より。