BizTalk 2009/incorrect GlobalBusinessActionCode element in BTARN

BizTalk 2009/incorrect GlobalBusinessActionCode element in BTARN 

There is a known issue on BTARN 3.3 that business document description may be incorrectly written in to 3A4 confirmation message's GlobalBusinessActionCode field. This happens when the following field is empty in original 3A4 message.


The following is the dedicated hotfix of this issue for BTARN 3.3. However we confirmed the same problem also exists on BTARN for BizTalk 2009 but the hotfix in the KB article applies to BTARN 3.3 only.

FIX: BTARN 3.3 intermittently writes incorrect values to the GlobalBusinessActionCode element when you use BTARN 3.3 to process RNIF messages


If you meet the same problem and seek for a solution, please contact Microsoft Support for a private fix of this issue.


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