The Windows AppConsult blog has moved!

Since a while Microsoft has launched a new platform called Tech Community, where different groups in Microsoft can publish news, articles and stay in touch in a better way with communities and developers.
As AppConsult, we immediately saw the opportunity to move to a more modern platform, which can help us to reach and share our knowledge with developers all around the world.

I'm happy to share that, thanks to the efforts of my team mate Sebastien, we are now officialy part of the Windows 10 community on the Tech Community website!

This is the official link where you can find us: Also the short link has been updated to redirect to the new website.

It's our new home! You will find the same articles you can find here but, most importantly, it's the place where we're going to publish all our new articles. So, if you have bookmarked this blog, remember to update it to the new URL! And in case you have subscribed to our RSS feed, this is the URL of the new one:

Take some time to read the official announcement here and... see you on the other side!