TechEd 2011: From Servers to Services: On-Premise and in the Cloud

[This article was contributed by the SQL Azure team.]

Judah, Chief Technology Officer for Microsoft Services, presented a Foundational
Session at TechEd detailing examples of what is possible in the cloud this past
week.  The session covered four demos on 1)
building a private cloud, 2) event based applications, 3) looking at SharePoint
as an application platform and doing a burst out to Azure, and 4) redeploying
an on-premises application into the cloud. The technologies and services
focused on are: Hyper-Microsoft System Center, Windows Azure and Microsoft
Office 365, Private and Public Cloud, application development and management.

I highly
recommend taking a look at this presentation, as it highlights many of the
possibilities of what can be done in the cloud today and in the future.