Epicor Visual Studio 2010 Entity Framework Case Study Posted

Check out the Epicor Case Study that was recently published by one of our partners.  Epicor is a global software company that creates enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for manufacturing firms and other customers.

They have been able to leverage Visual Studio 2010 and ADO.NET Entity Framework 4 to ease development and reduce SQL Server requests by 90 percent. Also, Epicor has a very large data model which the new version of Entity Framework was able to support.

An excerpt from the case study:

Because the ADO.NET Entity Framework 4 can support large data model sizes, Epicor could use the technology to create Epicor 9.05. “The earlier version of the Entity Framework did not handle our data model size very well, and we experienced delays in testing,” says Johnson. “Those problems have all been solved with the ADO.NET Entity Framework 4.

Authored by: Dana Kaufman