Creating Package Accelerators with the App-V 4.6 SP1 Sequencer (Part 1)

GrayAndYellowGearsWhat are Package Accelerators?

Package Accelerators support the “Predictable Packaging” pillar of the new App-V 4.6 SP1 Sequencer. Package Accelerators allow users to sequence easily and automatically large, complex application packages.  Instead of traditional sequencing, users select a Package Accelerator plus the installation media for the app. The Sequencer extracts the needed files from the Package Accelerator and installation media to create a virtual package without having to monitor the installation of the application.

Package Accelerators are vehicles for sharing within the App-V community. Users can share and discover Package Accelerators on the App-V community site. When an expert user (most likely an MVP or ISV) sequences an application, they will be able to generate an Accelerator for that application. The Package Accelerator can be shared with the rest of the App-V community. Previously, customers could experience difficulties sequencing complex applications without detailed step-by-step instructions (“recipes”) or without consulting community forums.

Package Accelerator Workflows

An expert user with application-specific knowledge sequences an application to create a virtual package. From this virtual package, the expert user creates and shares a Package Accelerator:


A novice user without application-specific knowledge wishes to create a virtual package. The novice user creates the virtual package using the Package Accelerator without application-specific knowledge. By using a transform, there is no need to install and monitor the application:


The same support matrix for traditional sequencing applies to Package Accelerators:


In other words, 4.6 SP1 Sequencer created packages work with the 4.6 RTM client.

The next article in this series will walk through creating Package Accelerators with Installation Media.

Steve Bucci | Support Escalation Engineer

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