Do I need to re-sequence my applications when I move to a new OS?

image This question has come up numerous times:

Do I need to re-sequence my applications when I move to a new OS?

There have been multiple statements published and circulated about this topic and the real answer is “it depends!"  What’s really important is that you test your existing virtual applications on the new operating system to make sure they work correctly before deploying.  You may find that they work fine, but if you encounter problems you may need to re-sequence on the new operating system.

Here’s the current support statement for App-V from the product group and this statement supersedes all others.

It is often possible to sequence on one OS and run the virtualized app on a different OS, however this scenario is both app and OS dependent and is not guaranteed to work for all app/OS combinations since App-V is not a general purpose OS compatibility solution. If problems are encountered, the customer may be required to sequence on the same OS environment as the App-V client is running in order to resolve those problems.

Note that whatever OS platform is used when sequencing, our “best practices” guidance requires customers to test the sequenced app on all delivery OS platforms prior to putting into production.

Hope this helps,

Peter Ballantyne | Technical Writer