Help! After Upgrading the App-V Management Server to version 4.5 Service Pack 2, I can now longer access the server through the Management Console

imageIf you upgraded to Service Pack 2 automatically using Automatic Updates or Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) you may have the following happen after the update:

A remoting error occurred.
Make sure the Management Console is properly configured and it has the same version as the Management Service.
Error code: 0000C824

We recently had two blog articles that were much related but not specifically in this context:

How to Fix Microsoft Management Console Error Code: 0000C824:


Microsoft Update/WSUS will not offer the App-V 4.5 SP2 update if you do not have Microsoft Application Error Reporting installed:

Where this particular scenario is different is it involves the App-V management server instead of the client upgrading to Service Pack 2. What is likely happening is a variation of the issue outlined in the following KB article:

KB221140 - Error 25100 or 25122 when installing the Microsoft Application Virtualization Management service

If .NET 4 is installed on the machine and the installation fails, it could leave the AppVirt management Service (formerly called the management web service.) in a partially installed state.

How to Tell

When you get the 0000C824 error, determine if the App-V Management Service is still in place by verifying the presence of the SoftgridManagement virtual directory in the web site’s configuration within IIS.


The current work around is to:

1. Remove the .NET 4.0 (temporarily as it will be re-added later.)

2. Restart the server.

3. Manually uninstall ONLY the AppVirt Management Service (Service - not server.)

4. Restart the server.

5. Reinstall AppVirt Management Service component from SP2 media (MDOP 2011 Media0 or upgrade media found here:

6. Reinstall the .NET 4.0 Framework.

If .NET 4.0 is not installed, please follow the abbreviated steps to restore the management service.

1. Manually uninstall ONLY the AppVirt Management Service (Service - not server.)

2. Restart the server.

3. Reinstall AppVirt Management Service component from SP2 media.

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