How to Sequence the System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R3 Admin Console with Microsoft App-V

imageHi everyone, Somaning Turwale here.  I recently went through sequencing the ConfigMgr 2007 admin console and thought I’d share what I learned with you here.   When trying to Sequence (virtualize) the System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Administrator’s Console, the resulting package will generate the following error and fail to run:

MMC cannot initialize the snap-in

Using the steps below, you can virtualize the admin console and have it run successfully.

NOTE In my example below it is assumed that I am Sequencing the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R3 Admin Console for the 64-bit version of Windows 7 Service Pack 1.

1. Follow Best Practices for the Microsoft Application Virtualization Sequencer :

2. Build the clean system with 64-bit version of Windows 7 SP1 and join it to the domain.

3. Install the APPV 4.6 SP1 Sequencer with Hotfix 3 (  Launch the Microsoft Application Virtualization Sequencer and select Create New Virtual Application Package.

4. Select Create Package (Default) option and Click Next.  Note that Prepare the Computer for Creating a Virtual Package may give the Warning “Windows Defender is active”.  If so, launch the Services.msc snap-in and stop the Windows Defender service.  After doing so, click refresh and then click Next.

5. Select the Standard Application (default) option and click Next.

6. On the Select Installer Screen, browse to “SPLASH.HTA” on the Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) installation media and click Next.

7. Name the Package SCCMConsole.001 and leave other options as the defaults and click Next.

8. Once the ConfigMgr installation screen appears, click  Install Configuration Manager 2007 SP2 and click Next.

9. Select Install or Upgrade an Administrator Console and click Next.

10. Accept license agreement and Click Next.

11. Select No, I do not want to participate right now and click Next.

12. Leave the Destination Folder to the default (i.e. C:\Program Files(x86)\Microsoft Configuration Manager Console\) and click Next.

13. Provide your site Server Name and Click Next, then Next again.

14. Ensure the Pre-check passes then click on Begin Install.

15. Once the installation finishes click Next and then click Finish.

16. Back on the Installation screen on the Sequencer, click on the  “Run” option to install the ConfigMgr R3 prerequisite hotfix and R3.

17. Provide the path to the 977384 hotfix and choose Install.

18. When complete and back at the Installation screen on the Sequencer, click on the “Run” option to install R3.

19. Click on Run and provide the path to R3’s “SPLASH.HTA” and click Next and install R3.

20. When complete, click on I am Finished installing

21. Select the ConfigMgr console and run it. After launching the console close it.  Click Next to review the installation report and click Next when you’re done.

22. Select the Customize option and click Next

23. Now under Edit Short Cut screen, right Click and edit the ConfigMgr Console.

24 Click on “Change Icon…” and browse to “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager Console\bin\i386\” and select “SETUP.EXE”

25.Select the proper icon and provide the version No: 4.00.6487.2157

26. Click “Save”

27. Right click “ConfigMgr Documentation” and click “Edit”

28. Click on “Change Icon…” and browse to “C:\Windows” and select “hh”

29. Select the proper icon and click “Save”

30. Right click on ConfigMgr setup and select Remove.

31. Right click on ConfigMgr Setup Repair Wizard and select Remove.

32. Click next and then Run ALL.

33. Select the Target OS, click Next and then select Create the Package. The Package will be saved as SCMMConsole.001.

34. Copy the Package to the App-V management content share.

35. Edit the OSD file of ConfigMgr Console.OSD in Notepad.  Change the VALUE of <SUBSYSTEM VALUE= "windows"/> to <SUBSYSTEM VALUE= "console"/> and save the OSD file.

36. Now follow the normal procedure to import the Package in to your APPV Management server and verify that the console is published to the APPV users.

When you double click ConfigMgr Console on an App-V client you may see the error “MMC cannot initialize the snap-in.”   If so, hold the Shift Key and right-click on ConfigMgr Console and select Run as different user.  Provide whichever user credentials that have access to the ConfigMgr site server.

Somaning Turwale | Support Engineer

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