Sequencing Windows Live Applications

Here are some tips on sequencing various Windows Live components that was originally written up by our very own Terry McKinney. If you have plans for sequencing any of the Windows Live apps you'll want to read through this first:


This article describes the level of functionality that can be achieved when sequencing Windows Live applications with Softgrid / Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V).

1. The Windows Live OneCare ‘Family Safety’ application cannot be sequenced on any Windows platform.

2. The Toolbar, Messenger, Writer, Photo Gallery and Mail applications can be sequenced successfully on a Windows Vista sequencer machine. 

3. The Toolbar, Messenger, and Mail applications can be sequenced successfully on a Windows XP sequencer machine. Photo Gallery and Writer cannot be sequenced successfully on a Windows XP sequencer machine. 

For more information regarding sequencing managed applications, please refer to the following KB article:

KB959457 - When the Application Virtualization 4.5 Clients attempt to run managed applications, 0xC0000135 errors may occur

To accomplish successful sequencing of the Windows Live applications on Windows XP and Windows Vista sequencer machines, the following process should be used:

1. Start the Windows Live Installer natively (without monitoring).

2. Cancel the Windows Live installation by clicking on “Close” in the "Select the products you want to install"  installation dialog box.

Note: These two steps are accomplished in order to register WLSetupSvc registered with DCOM.

3. Start the Softgrid/App-V sequencer.

4. Disable Virtual Services in the Sequencer.  To do this, open Tools -> Options and uncheck "Allow Virtual Services".

5. Begin monitoring and start the Windows Live Installation.

From this point you can sequence as normal.


Thanks Terry!

J.C. Hornbeck | Manageability Knowledge Engineer