Beta Release of the Windows Deployment Services Infrastructure Planning and Design Guide

The Infrastructure Planning and Design guides are the next version of Windows Server System Reference Architecture. This series aims to clarify and streamline design processes for Microsoft infrastructure technologies, each addressing a unique infrastructure technology or scenario. All guides share a common structure including:

  • Definition of the technical decision flow through the planning process.
  • Listing of decisions to be made and the commonly available options and considerations.
  • Relating the decisions and options to the business in terms of cost, complexity, and other characteristics.
  • Framing decisions in terms of additional questions to the business to ensure a comprehensive alignment with the appropriate business landscape.

These guides complement product documentation by exposing and focusing on infrastructure design options.
Accelerator Description

Infrastructure Planning and Design: Windows Deployment Services
Windows Deployment Services is intended for deployment specialists who are responsible for the deployment of Microsoft® Windows® operating systems in an organization. The task of deploying client computer and server images in a company has remained a complex process with few tools available to help reduce this burden. Some of the challenges when managing system images include accommodating multiple versions of the same image as well as updating images with the latest security updates.
Windows Deployment Services enables organizations to respond to the challenge of managing images by implementing single-instance storage and compression. The purpose of this guide is to present the infrastructure planning process for Windows Deployment Services by providing a clear and concise workflow of the decisions and tasks required to plan for each method.
This guide, when used in conjunction with product documentation, enables companies to confidently plan the Windows Deployment Services infrastructure.

Infrastructure Planning & Design Beta Releases
The Infrastructure Planning and Design Beta Release for Windows Deployment Services is available as an open beta download.
To download the Windows Deployment Services beta guide, please follow this link:

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