MVA top students final episode: Karel Coenye

In the past few weeks 5 Belgian Microsoft Virtual Academy students shared their experience with the e-learning platform. Today we’re closing the series together with Karel Coenye (currently ranked 3rd in Belgium).


First name: Karel Last name: Coenye Description: Karel is a senior SQL Server trainer and consultant at Kohera, always seeking ways to push systems towards their limits. MVA status: Gold image

What’s your experience with the Microsoft Virtual Academy so far? How does it help you to improve your IT skills?
I'm actually a big fan of the MVA, as it allows me to get a taste of the new cloud technologies at my own pace and in dead moments. It's actually a great resource pool with structured learning paths showing the direction Microsoft is going for in the near future.

What’s your favorite training on MVA (track or course)? Which one(s) would you recommend?
As a SQL Server freak, I really enjoy both the SQL Server & SQL Azure tracks. But I learned a lot from the SCOM tracks as well.

What’s your advice for ambitious MVA newbies who want to improve their ranking?
Just go for it, take your time, and just enjoy the challenge.

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New courses are added regularly: last week we added Windows Server 2012: First Look. After completing this course, you will learn how to cloud optimize your IT with Windows Server 2012 and how to take advantage of the skills and investment you have already made in building a familiar and consistent platform. Access the new course here.