TechNet Chopsticks: Microsoft Licensing and Virtualization

Do you want to learn more about Microsoft Licensing? Go ahead and check out the following TechNet Chopsticks videos where Patrick Viaene (Licensing Specialist) explains the different licensing possibilities and also focus onto Licensing in Server, Presentation and Applicatoin Virtualization environments.


Microsoft Licensing - Part 1: General Overview

The first part gives on overview on Microsoft licensing.

Duration: 28 minutes


Microsoft Licensing - Part 2: Licensing details, incl. SA benefits

The second part covers more details on the licensing, including Software Assurance (SA) benefits and product licensing.

Duration: 22 minutes


Microsoft Licensing - Part 3: Server Virtualization

The third part focuses on server virtualization licensing.

Duration: 28 minutes


Microsoft Licensing - Part 4: System Center

The fourth part explains licensing of environments managed with Microsoft System Center.

Duration: 11 minutes


Microsoft Licensing - Part 5: Terminal Services, App-V (SoftGrid) and Virtual PC

The fifth part is about Windows Server Terminal Services, App-V (formerly known as SoftGrid) and Virtual PC.

Duration: 28 minutes


Microsoft Licensing - Part 6: Summary

The sixth and last part is a quick recap of the content covered in the previous parts.

Duration: 9 minutes


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