TechNet Chopsticks Replay: WinSec and IT-Talks UG in the spotlight

In this post I wanted to put the Belgian WinSec and IT-Talks UG in the spotlight.

IT - Talks



Now that you know more about what this UG is all about let’s replay some of their Chopsticks:

image Exploring TMG LLQ logging feature TMG is the followup firewall product for ISA server from Microsoft. An integral part of each secure firewall device is logging. During this webcast we'll deepdive into the new LLQ logging feature available in TMG beta3 illustrating how it works, how to configure it and what the importance of this new featureis for the TMG and network security.
image What’s new in Forefront TMG During this session we will look at what’s new in the upcoming release of Microsoft's firewall solution now called Forefront Threat Management Gateway.

Forefront Identity Manager 2010 (Dutch)

Lately there has been a lot of news and lots changes concerning MS Identity Lifecycle Manager. In a short presentation and in a practical, interactive, demo we will show you around, guided by some practical scenarios. What has changed since MIIS 2003 and ILM 2007? What are the new ILM components? Which resources are available to get started? How to implement out-of-the box scenarios?

Part I

Part II

image Forefront Threat Management Gateway: Malware inspection During this demo we drilldown into the TMG malware inspection feature. We will look at how to configure the definition download, the engine behind malware inspection, rule configuration, client experience and monitoring of malware inspection.