Back from Teched

Teched was great this year. We had more CRM sessions with more variety of topics and much more attendance compared to last year. It is always great to chat with partners and customers and discuss the challenges they are facing and hear different kinds of feedback. This year I ran a chalk talk session on the future of CRM programmability and extensibility. It was well attended by an enthusiastic group of partners. I was assuring to hear that most of the things that we are thinking about in the product group are inline with what partners need to be successful. Of course there was also some excellent new feedback that I took back to the product team to think through.


Let me know if you want to see anything changed in terms of our presence in Teched or if you have any suggestions particularly about how to make the programmability and extensibility presence even better.


BTW the sessions were recorded and you can get the DVD set at a discounted price from here.