Cool CRM Add-on, Part 1 of n

You can tell I have been busy (no post since April 7thL) but I promise you, I have been doing good work. The CRM program management team has been super busy defining the scope of the next version of CRM (more on this later..).

But as for cool add-ons promise that I gave earlier, I have been getting more responses than I originally expected! I have around 20 add-ons queued to be posted so I will be posting them on my blog as time permits.

Here is the first one:

Add-on name: IntellaScan

Coolness factor: Think digital (or paperless) office! Intelliscan allows you to scan documents from a scanner and store them as a PDF directly into CRM. The Iframe integration enables you to easily view the PDF documents inside the CRM forms effortlessly. Go paper less......

Partner Link: More details