Teched 2006 session on CRM extensibility

Here it is, the details of my Teched 2006 session. If you want any specific topic to be covered, just use the contact section of my blog and send me an email. See you all there......

Using Web Services to Develop Applications for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Speaker(s): Arash Ghanaie-Sichanie

Session Level(s): 400

This session is a deep dive into the programmatic Web Services features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM V3.0, and how they can be used to build custom business applications. Learn how to use Microsoft CRM Web Services, server side .NET managed assembly extensions, client side events and scripting, workflow .NET extensions, and XML schemas. Also, see a detailed demonstration, with lots of code walkthroughs, of how to build an integrated application for CRM and the 2007 Microsoft Office System using Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office (VSTO).