Time to shift gears….

After spending a few years working on one of the best products and business application platforms around, I have decided to shift my focus on another great-to-be product that is currently in incubation at Microsoft. Within the next few weeks, I will no longer be directly working on the Dynamics CRM product. Having said that, I will still be closly watching the Titan release as I truly believe, as our first commercial Software + Service product, it will open a new chapter in our company and the software industry history.

As for what I will be working on, unfortunately, I can’t tell much at this point, but I can tell this much that as soon as we are ready to tell the world about it, you can’t miss its noise. More on this later…..

I haven’t yet decided what I want to do with this blog, I might consider archiving it somewhere so folks can still access a few articles that have been very popular. Suggestions are welcome…..

It has been awesome to work with CRM customers and partners. Keep partying on Dynamics CRM. It is a groundbreaking product with tons of customer value to offer for years to come.

As for me, on to a new venture………