A Handbook for Effective IT Strategic Planning: Embedding Context and Creativity in Strategy Development

IT and business leaders alike express frustration with their inability to achieve the full potential of IT strategy. A recent CIO Executive Board survey found that less than 23% of IT's business partners rate IT’s strategy and planning as being effective. This study uncovers three Cs—Context, Creativity, and Cascade—required to make IT strategic planning dexterous and relevant to diverse stakeholders. Context is about linking IT goals to business strategy and ensuring that they stay relevant. Creativity refers to infusing new and innovative ideas into IT strategy. Finally, Cascade is ensuring and maintaining alignment between IT strategy development and execution. In each case, we have taken the best ideas and techniques from corporate strategists and determined their implications for IT.

This study focuses on the first two Cs, Embedding Context and Creativity in Strategy Development. Please see our companion study, Cascading Strategy for Execution for insights and best practices around the third C.
This study will help you:

  • Align IT strategy to business goals
  • Build agility in IT strategic planning for quick course correction
  • Broaden stakeholder perspectives to reduce decision biases
  • Enhance strategic thinking capabilities of IT staff

You might be interested in this research if you are:

  • Improving the alignment between business and IT strategy
  • Strengthening IT's response to changes in the business environment
  • Trying to develop more creative and visionary IT strategies

Handbook attached.

External source: https://cio.executiveboard.com/exhttph/Download/CIO_A_Handbook_for_Effective_IT_Strategic_Planning_Embedding_Context_and_Creativity_in_Strategy_Development.ashx?cid=100192640&aid=100192641&fd=1