Announcing Silverlight 3

Already the download links are live for the Developer Runtime Beta of Silverlight 3, the SDK, documentation, and the Silverlight 3 Tools Beta 1 for Visual Studio 2008 SP1.  In the new version of this technology, RIA developers will have more tools to work faster with new graphics, animation, and 3-D features and more than 60 new controls. There’s added support for the H.264 video format, deep linking, better SEO support, and new hardware-based graphics acceleration and animation features. Silverlight 3 will also allow developers to create lightweight web apps that can exist outside the browser, which should definitely lead to some interesting scenarios.


Today, Silverlight is in use on a number of major websites including AOL, eBay, BSkyB, Netflix, CBS Sports Online, the European Commission,, Samsung Electronics Co., and Yahoo! Japan. Microsoft, of course, has deployed the technology on 200+ products and sites like, MSN, Live Search, Windows Live, Microsoft Office Online, Virtual Earth and the new Silverlight-based WorldWide Telescope application.