Architect rule also at Belux TechDays 2008

You probably have noticed that the Developer & IT Pro Days are back in 2008, though under a new name,  TechDays 2008 .
You even might already have registered for it (in which case don’t lose any more time in this post...)  but otherwise I wanted to make sure that you realize that this edition of TechDays includes a fully fledged architect track on March 12 & 13 (right after the free launch event on March  11).

We will indeed have some senior architect speakers from the Microsoft Architecture Strategy Team in Redmond and EMEA talking about hot topics like:

· Practical architectural considerations about S+S applications: how to build them but also about running and consuming those S+S applications – you will also have the opportunity to discuss these topics in an informal roundtable discussions with experts with real-life experience in the domain.

· Interoperability between software platforms from different vendors has always been a matter of importance. Increasing government regulation and policy decisions have elevated interoperability to a strategic matter affecting the entire ICT industry. We want to demonstrate you how interoperability fits within the Microsoft platform strategy

· Roles are a fundamental concept in Enterprise IDA requirements today. Understanding the concepts of groups, application roles, enterprise roles and policy driven access rights is a challenge – we will give an overview of the different models on how to manage access rights in enterprises today and map these to Microsoft technologies like .Net, AD/ADLDS, ILM, Sharepoint and AzMan as well as some partner solutions in this area.

· Dude, where's my business logic? Over the years we have moved from desktop, to client server, to 3-tier, to n-tier, to service orientation. In the process though many things have changed, but many habits have remained. This session discusses what we are doing wrong, and solutions.

· Now that we have had some time to get used to XAML and WPF and seen the shiny new UIs we can build, it’s time to get serious about architecture and understand the power of databinding.  We will discuss advanced topics in databinding, the use of MVC architecture patterns and we will stretch Expression Blend version 2.0 to its limits.

· Learn how to leverage the new Visual Studio 2008 and Office platform tools and technologies to build those new and exciting Office Business Application – some key technologies in this area include the creation of Office smart clients, development of custom SharePoint workflow, and extension of Outlook to integrate key business data into one of our most popular productivity tools.

· etc

All the details of the architect agenda will soon be available on the website TechDays 2008but in the meantime do not hesitate to register here!

I look forward to meet you soon at the Architect Forum @ TechDays,

Philippe Destoop
Developer and Platform Group