Forrester: Architect's Contribution to Packaged Apps Selection

Long but “must read” about:

  • what has changed in the selection process (e.g. is RFP still  relevant?)
  • how to minimize the influence of “politics” in decisions
  • what exactly your role as an enterprise architect should be in this process.

Executive Summary

If they do it right, enterprise architects can add tremendous value to their organization's selection of a packaged application solution (and other technology decisions). The key to success is to frame your contribution around the business and financial implications of the decision rather than the architect's knee-jerk focus on IT standards. Forrester defines the notion of Architectural Business Value as a way to integrate the economic and architectural impacts of each candidate product in a selection process.

Content outline

itemThe Buying Process For Packaged Apps: Streamlined Vendor Selection

itemThe Architect's Contribution: Estimate Architectural Business Value

itemSample ABV Scenario Shows How To Apply ABV In A Packaged Apps Selection

itemEstimating Architectural Business Value Across The Selection Process

itemDuring The Organize Phase, Establish ABV As A Part Of The Selection Process

itemDuring The Narrow Phase, Build Your ABV Model

itemDuring The Evaluate Phase, Complete Your ABV Analysis

itemDuring The Decide Phase, Support The Overall Business Value Winner


itemBe First A Businessperson, Then An Architect

What it means

itemArchitectural Business Value Can Reduce The Politics Of Architecture