HR and IT: brothers in arms?

Interesting article about Talent and Human Resources excerpt below, full article here:

According to the business execs:

"The executives we interviewed criticized HR professionals for lacking business knowledge, observing that many of them worked in a narrow administrative way rather than addressing long-term issues such as talent strategy and workforce planning. "

According to the HR execs:

"As one HR director explained, senior executives “don’t see us as having business knowledge to provide any valuable insights. We’re doing many things based on requests, and they don’t see HR as a profession."

So why would this make IT and HR brothers in arms? Looks like HR is having the same struggle than IT in terms of showing relevance and top line impact. Not sure what actionable items can be concluded by this, but it is increasingly evident that either you contribute to the business or you’re pushed down the stack... (what an innovative concept...).