*major* milestone in MS smartclient strategy

On behalf of the Acropolis Team, we are pleased to annouce that after months of hard work, the Acropolis CTP1 release is now available for download at http://windowsclient.net/Acropolis ! This is the first public release of Acropoliis and we are looking forward for your feedback.


Features included in Acropolis CTP1 includes:

- Declarative Composition - allows you to declarative program the structure of application components

- Navigation support - manages activation and deactivation of components

- Document Life Time support - manages the life time of a document bject

- Layout Pane - Split style and tab style UI layout that leverages WPF

- Transition Animation - Prepackage transitions built on WPF

... and all these comes with Application Design Time Support!


This is the first of many releases, and we look forward for your feedback. It will help drive subsequent releases and updates. Let us know what you think!