[MOOC] Start building apps on Windows 8

Windows 8 is a Windows re-imagined designed for both touch and keyboard. It is a mobile cloud-powered system which makes it easy to keep people connected and across multiple devices while leveraging the power of all the new capabilities of today’s hardware, such as GPS, 3G, NFC,…

It’s made easier, but now that you have more powers, you also have greater responsibilities! It means you’ll discover new APIs, new design principles, …

But one of the most important thing you have to know about Windows 8, is that you can reuse your skills ! It doesn’t matter if you are a Web developer or already familiar with Microsoft technologies. You can bring amazing apps in JavaScript/HTML as well as in XAML and C#/VB.NET or C/C++ .

This MOOC (in french) is an introduction to that new environment ! It’s meant for people who want to get started quickly.


With those videos, you’ll learn :

      • The new Windows 8 ;
      • WinRT, the framework for Modern apps ;
      • 8 design principles for Windows 8 ;
      • What’s new for Web developers ;
      • What’s new for .NET developers ;
      • A few new controls…

Course :

1. Introduction :
2. Windows 8 design principles :
3. Development’s basics :

Resources :

Now that you’re ready to start developing your own Windows Store app, you probably want to dive into code… Here are some must-have resources :

Microsoft Belux :

The reference for every Windows developer in Belgium. Have a look at the agenda to know about all the Windows 8 events planned by Microsoft and the community.

Windows 8 Dev Camp In a Box :

A Hands-On KIT containing all the labs you need to learn how to build Windows Store apps. It is available in JS/HTML and in C#/XAML.