MS Belgium TechNet Event: How to Go From Data to Decisions


TechNet Event: Solutions for Business Intelligence and Performance Management How to Go From Data to Decisions

7 May 2009, Utopolis, Mechelen

Learn how to turn data into valuable asset in tough economic times Business intelligence is even more important during these tough economic times. People have to make really important decisions and critical strategic moves. In this one-day seminar, Rafal Lukawiecki aims to show IT Managers and BI practitioners how to improve decision making and getting the valuable business insight by using Microsoft solutions. This seminar will look at an end-to-end approach to building and delivering a Microsoft BI solution, from automated data integration and consolidation to delivering insight in reports, scorecards, and Excel. Register now! Topics covered:

  • The importance of Business Intelligence and Performance Management
  • Concepts and terminology
  • Common scenarios and applications for decision makers – reporting, ad-hoc analysis, performance management
  • Fundamental process for data integration and data warehousing
  • Basics of multidimensional modelling and analysis
  • Using predictive analytics based on Excel and SQL Server 2008
  • Technology product roadmap covering Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Microsoft Office 2007, and other systems

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