New Windows Azure Free Trial Offering Available Today!

As of today a new Windows Azure trial offering is available through June 30th 2011. This offering consist out a monthly offer of:

  • Compute:
    • 750 hours of an Extra Small Compute Instance
    • 25 hours of a Small Compute Instance
  • Storage:
    • 500MB
    • 10k Storage transactions
  • Data Transfers:
    • 500MB in / 500MB out
  • Relational Database:
    • 1G Web Edition SQL Azure database (for 90 days only)
  • AppFabric Access Control transactions:
    • 100k
  • AppFabric Service Bus connections:
    • 2

Go try the new offer at

Note: A Credit Card is required for sign-up. Any monthly usage in exceeding the stated amounts will be charged at the standard rates. This introductory special will end on June 30, 2011 and all usage will then be charged at the standard rates.

You can start building your application on it in 3 simple and easy to do steps:

1. Download the Tools:

Get Visual Studio Express and the Windows Azure Tools for Visual Studio to start building and debugging applications for the Windows Azure Platform . If you have already Visual Studio installed you can download the tools directly from .

2. Setup an Account:

Set up an account and obtain a free subscription for accessing the online portals for Windows Azure, SQL Azure and Windows Azure AppFabric. You can learn more about the accounts or you can sign up directly and get the trial .

3. Create your First application and Deploy it on the Windows Azure Platform:

First learn how to create a simple ASP.NET application in Visual Studio for Windows Azure on your local machine . Once successfully created, learn how to deploy this application on the Windows Azure Platform .

When all steps are executed successfully you should have running your first application on the Windows Azure Platform!