SaaS Penetrates the IT Department

Cutter Consortium: SaaS Penetrates the IT Department

While software-as-a-service (SaaS) has gained plenty of attention and acceptance within the business units of a growing number of companies of all sizes, IT managers and their staffs have been apprehensive about the operational and organizational implications of SaaS. As a result, many IT departments have resisted SaaS deployments or at the very least have been reluctant to support business unit adoption of SaaS solutions.

Recognizing this resistance, many SaaS vendors have intentionally avoided the IT decision maker in their go-to-market strategies. They have designed their solutions to appeal to the end user rather than the IT professional. They have packaged their solutions so they can be tried for free and adopted by a business unit without IT department involvement. And they have priced their SaaS solutions at a low-enough, pay-as-you-go fee level so their customers don’t have to make significant capital expenditures requiring IT input and approval.

These tactics have enabled SaaS vendors to employ a “guerilla marketing” approach, which has succeeded in penetrating organizations without encountering an IT bottleneck. It has also succeeded in polarizing many IT professionals who believe their authority and responsibilities have been usurped.

Now a new generation of SaaS solutions is emerging that are specifically aimed at helping IT professionals perform their responsibilities and better support the business needs of their corporate end users and executives. Cutter’s third annual SaaS survey indicates that this new generation of IT management SaaS solutions is gaining acceptance and could transform the way IT departments operate.


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