Silverlight for Linux released

Novell today released version 1.0 of Moonlight, and is making it available for download at no cost with support for most major Linux distro’s (including openSUSE, SUSE Linux Enterprise, Fedora, Red Hat, and Ubuntu). For those unfamiliar with it, Moonlight is a joint effort between Novell and Microsoft of an open-source implementation of Silverlight for Linux.

Moonlight enables Linux users to view Silverlight content and Silverlight applications.  Recently the official Presidential Inauguration Committee broadcast the inauguration of President Barack Obama using Silverlight.  Over 50,000 viewers using Linux installed Moonlight and watched the event live using it. 


We’re looking forward to seeing Moonlight 2 (a Silverlight 2 compatible implementation with .NET support) which the Moonlight is hard at work on. For more details on the Moonlight 1.0 release, check out Miguel’s blog post on it