SOA nirvana not yet reached by most enterprises

Still struggling with SOA in your enterprise?  Don't worry (too) much, you are in good company! Indeed, for most companies SOA has not yet lived up to its promises according to a recent study reported in a Computerworld article: 

Only 37% of companies using service-oriented architecture (SOA) technology have seen it result in a positive return on investment, , according to a report released Monday by Nucleus Research Inc.

David O'Connell, an analyst at Wellesley, Mass.-based Nucleus, said that while corporate SOA projects could provide strong ROI for companies, most efforts today "seem to get stranded in little local pockets" of organizations.

"SOA is rather narrowly adopted, [and] it tends to be adopted on as-needed basis," O'Connell said. "It is easy to get ROI on SOA when you have a small handful of services for a narrowly defined set of projects. When you want to go enterprisewide, that is a large jump up. People are not getting over that hump."

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