The BizTalk® Adapter Pack for the masses

The BizTalk® Adapter Pack provides a single solution to easily and securely connect to Line of Business (LOB) data from any custom-developed .NET application, SQL Server-based business intelligence solution, or an Office Business Application (OBA).  The three adapters available in this release are Siebel, SAP and Oracle DB.  For clarity for OBA's:  the adapter pack works with the BDC to allow you to connect to LOB systems such as SAP, Siebel or straight to Oracle Databases!!!!

The BizTalk Adapter Pack will be generally available on March 1st.  It will be sold for $5,000/processor.

Together with the BizTalk Adapter Pack MS also announced the: Office Developer Program.  This program provides participants with access to code, support and direct access to the product team for bug fixes and change requests.  By working with Office developers directly we will be validate additional Office/SharePoint scenarios. 

Key Benefits

· Single infrastructure for connectivity.  Whether connecting to LOB systems from custom-developed applications, SQL Server, or rich Office applications, customers can use a consistent approach to connectivity.  This enables a simplified approach to interoperability that lowers total cost of ownership and reduces training requirements.

· Simple to learn.   Built on top of the WCF programming model, the BizTalk® Adapter Pack is easy for .NET trained developer to begin using and building connected applications.  The BizTalk Adapter Pack provides enhanced extensions to WCF that enable dynamic metadata discovery and generation – making it fast and easy to access data in corporate systems. 

· Secure and reliable.   The BizTalk Adapter Pack tightly integrates with the security models provided by the individual business applications, ensuring that users have access only to data which they are permitted to see. 

· Improves real-time visibility to your business data.  The BizTalk® Adapter Pack allows customers to access valuable corporate information when and where they can use it most productively, increasing visibility and enabling faster, better informed decision making.

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