The Role of the Software Architect in Applications and Systems Development

As mentioned in a previous post, Software Architects are recognized as one of the best positions in United States. But what is their actual role when it comes to Applications and System Development? An interesting article published on talks about the evolution of the Software Architect position mentioning that in the early days, software was build in a more unstructured way as it was new. As of today we are still paying the price for that in legacy systems still running amongst our customers.

Things have change of course over time and the article explains that nowadays the role and need of the Software Architect is recognized and can be found in one way or another within each organization doing software development and beyond. The article concludes with a number of recommendations towards those organizations and in particular to project managers managing projects where software architects are contributing.

Most interesting quote: “What is not acceptable is to plan the project without any acknowledgment of the need or importance of the architect.”

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