CeBIT 2012 and Windows 8

A colleague from the Developer and Platform Evangelism (DPE) division invited me to one of their Windows 8 developer sessions at the CeBIT 2012. There, all the developers and IT professionals in the audience received a 2 hour overview about Windows 8, metro style design and metro app development. In addition to the talks DPE held a Q&A session which was very interesting to follow. I took two observations from my visit:

  • The vast majority of developers appreciates the possibilities that Windows 8 provides. There is a huge awareness that a completely new market becomes available and the reach of the platform is growing from Desktop to mobile (slate/pad) devices.
  • Obviously, there are many questions around WinRT, application architecture, metro style design and also a few around hardware extensibility or custom driver support.

The first observation makes me happy since this will be one important driver for getting a lot of high quality apps into our market place. The second observation underlines how important these sessions are to clarify misunderstandings and also to receive first-hand feedback.

Hint: A very good resource on getting started with metro style app design is It does not solely discuss pixels or grids but also the philosophy of information architecture that will be central to most Metro apps.

In the next weeks and months DPE will host more sessions on Windows 8 in various places. In Germany there will be sessions in Karlsruhe, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne and Berlin. Unfortunately, all sessions are already fully booked. But there is a waiting list! And as soon as I receive information on more events I’ll post it!

Apart from the Windows 8 sessions in the Microsoft “Entwickler-Forum” (developer panel) in exhibition hall 8, visiting the main stand in hall 4 was really impressive. Not only in terms of size but also in terms of the crowd that gathered around the stage:

Due to my schedule I wasn’t able to attend most of the talks at the center stage but a personal highlight was definitely the AntMe session. I am a big fan of getting kids early into programming so if you don’t know it and your kids are interested in the area - go and give it a try!