Hello World

This is my first MSDN blog post and my first blog post as an MS employee. I joined Microsoft in February as Premier Field Engineer (PFE). The question I got most often from former colleagues, friends and family is “What is a PFE and what do you do as a PFE?”. Good question! Here is my elevator pitch:

As a PFE I am part of the strategy, consulting, and support division of Microsoft and thus I am working directly with our customers.The Premier support is a special support contract that offers a 24x7 subject-matter-expert support to our customers. Premier service is further structured into areas like Premier Support for Proactive Services or Premier Support for Global and Enterprise Customers. My area is the Premier Support for Developers which offers our customers services around software engineering and software development, for example on-site workshops for specific Microsoft products or frameworks, troubleshooting and developer coaching.

What contents will you find in this blog? It is hard to predict the future but plans are that I’ll talk a lot about software engineering, .NET and Windows 8 Metro development. Enjoy your stay!