Do we really need another blog?   The short answer is: no.  The
human race doesn't need another blog.  In general, I'm not too fond of blogs. 
But I think they can serve a useful purpose, and these GotDotNet blogs are the first
bunch I've seen that actually do.  They aren't mindless rantings (at least, not
always) - they contain helpful tips, tricks, and so forth. (By the way, a few of my
favorites are linked on the right.)

I aspire to no lofty goals: I'm nobody special.  I didn't invent
this language.  I'd no more give a talk at a conference than run the New
York Marathon.  My intent is not to provide a single source for all information
about the new C++ implementation of CLR features.  But if you've never used the
language before, or you're coming from Managed Extensions, you might find a useful
bit here and there on my blog - assuming you can wade through the tripe.

A bit about myself: I'm an SDET (Software Design Engineer in Test),
working on the front end of the Visual C++ compiler.  My day-to-day tasks include
running tests, investigating results, submitting bugs, and writing tests to provide
extra coverage on existing and new features.  That's pretty much what I do, day
in and day out.  At the time of this writing, my tenure at Microsoft measures
mere months.

A disclaimer: I am a human being.  I have been
known to make mistakes in the past.  I will make mistakes in the future. 
There are mistakes cleverly sprinkled throughout this blog.  See if you can spot
them all. 

In short, I hope this blog can be of some help, to someone, somewhere.