Simple stack code

We've got a code sample today, of a simple integer stack implemented using Whidbey
C++.  I'll implement it using three pieces of code:

- stack.h - definition of the stack

**stack.cpp** - implementation of the stack  
  • main.cpp - driver program that makes use of the stack

I compile the stack class into a DLL (stack.dll), which I then import into the main
program with #using.  The beauty of stack.dll is that it should be consumable
by any .NET-targeted language: C#, VB.NET, even ASP.NET.  In fact, to prove this,
I've also included drv.cs, a C# source file which consumes stack.dll.

Another benefit of using DLLs: during development, I found a bug in my stack program. 
I edited stack.cpp, recompiled the DLL, and ran main.exe again.  I didn't need
to recompile main! :)

To compile:

- stack.cpp as a DLL: cl /clr:newSyntax /LD stack.cpp

**main.cpp**: cl /clr:newSyntax main.cpp  
  • drv.cs: csc drv.cs /r:stack.dll

Get the files!   The code is available as a zip file: