It happens every time...


It happens every time I start a new project.  Team Foundation Server makes me choose a process template when I create a new Team Project.  But, since I’m not happy with any of the process templates I’ve tried so far (MSF Agile, Conchango Scrum, and one custom template), I end up asking myself do I want to put up with an inadequate template or take the time to customize a new one.  Neither choice is a winner.

What I would prefer is the ability to start with something, customize it a bit as I learn how it works and how it doesn’t work, and then save those changes as a new template.  But, TFS doesn’t make that very easy.  Sure, I can add work item types and add fields to an existing work item type.  But, that only applies to one project.  It doesn’t affect the template.  And, it doesn’t update any other projects that are based on that same template.

Invariably, this means that each team makes local customizations to their process template that other teams don’t know about.  This results in a lack of consistency that makes reporting across projects difficult.  Obviously, we could take away people’s admin privileges to prevent customization.  But, that also takes away their ability to adapt which conflicts with the Agilist in me. 

So, here I am again, beginning a project, needing to decide which process template to use.  What should I do?