Can we Install / Port custom MOSS 2007 32 Bit solutions on Windows Server 2008 R2 64 Bit platform?

I have had some of my ISV / SI partners asking questions around if it were possible to install their MOSS 2007 32 Bit solutions on Windows Server 2008 R2 (which only supports 64 Bit).

Simple and straight answer to this questions is NO.  

If you try doing the same through various hacks / advises on various unofficial sites, you will certainly encounter major roadblocks while attempting the installation. Relying on any unofficial information to achieve the same will very likely expose your solutions to various issues, as well as possible violation of the software license.

Any documentation reference around the same on Official sites / blogs should be assumed as MOSS x64 intended for x64 platforms, and MOSS x86 intended for x86 platforms respectively.

We would strongly advise you to adhere to our Official  guidelines / recommendations here, regardless of the technical feasibility of the same.

Please ensure that you also advise your customers to use MOSS 2007 x64 for installation on x64 platforms only, as an official and recommended approach from Microsoft.

**Please Note: This information is not exclusively mentioned on any of the Microsoft Sites / Blogs AFAIK, as on the date of publishing this post


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