Windows Server AppFabric Beta 2 – Now Available For Download

Wanted to let you all know that we announced availability of the Windows Server AppFabric Beta 2 for download on March 1st 2010. You can refer to the official announcement here.

Download is available from the AppFabric Developer Center on MSDN.

I would recommend all those Developers and IT pros who are working with .NET 4 and Windows Server

to download the Beta 2, as we prepare to launch the final version of Windows Server AppFabric by Q3 of CY2010.

For those of you not already aware about Windows Server AppFabric, you can look at it as a set of application services focused on improving the speed, scale, and management of Web, Composite, and Enterprise applications.

Both Developers and IT pros can expect the following benefits from Windows Server AppFabric:

  • Faster Web Apps Made Easy – Windows Server AppFabric helps developers improve the speed and availability of web applications through distributed in-memory caching and replication technology that works with current ASP.NET applications
  • Simplified Composite Apps – Developers can simplify the development of composite applications with the pre-built application services in Windows Server AppFabric, used in conjunction with Visual Studio tools and .NET Framework capabilities (ASP.NET, WCF and WF). IT Pros can also simplify the deployment, monitoring, and management of composite applications with configuration and monitoring capabilities that are integrated with familiar tools (PowerShell, IIS Manager, and System Center)
  • Enterprise Performance and Availability – An enterprise’s most important and demanding applications can achieve elastic scale, performance, availability, and reliability (benefits often associated with the cloud) with the help of Windows Server AppFabric. These and countless other benefits from an unparalleled partner ecosystem utilize familiar skills from the .NET Framework and Windows Server

Complementing these Windows Server AppFabric services for on-premises development, Windows Azure platform AppFabric delivers connectivity services (specifically Service Bus and Access Control, formerly known as “.NET Services”) for composite applications spanning to the cloud. Together, Windows Server AppFabric and Windows Azure platform AppFabric provide a comprehensive set of services that help developers rapidly develop new applications spanning Windows Azure and Windows Server, and which also interoperate with other industry platforms such as Java, Ruby, and PHP.


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