Announcing the SharePoint Best Practices Series

[Cross-posted from the SharePoint Team Blog]

Over the last few months, the SharePoint product team has released a number of resources, updates and made supportability announcements to help our customers and partners deploy SharePoint solutions. Recently, we released the Infrastructure Update that provides fixes and even a new set of Search Federation features. We also announced support for Virtualization technology like Hyper-V and SQL Server 2008. And most recently, we announced the availability of the SharePoint Administration Toolkit 2.0 which provides functionality to help IT Professionals run highly available and geographically dispersed SharePoint deployments.

Today, I’m happy to announce the SharePoint Best Practices Series. These consumable and actionable guidelines are based on real-world experience from Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) and the product team. They are aimed to help our SharePoint customers and partners avoid some of the common SharePoint deployment pitfalls and keep their SharePoint environments available and performing well. The SharePoint Customer Team, part of the core product team dedicated to providing real-world feedback inwardly and outwardly, has put this guidance together working with a number of teams within Microsoft.

The SharePoint Best Practices Resource Center on TechNet highlights the different best practices for IT Professionals and Developers and helps you navigate through the resources. IT Professional topics include Operational Excellence, Team Collaboration Sites, Publishing Portals, Search and My Sites. Developer topics include Common Coding Issues, Using Disposable Objects, Search SQL Syntax Queries and Customization Best Practices. We will continue updating and publishing new Best Practices based on real-world experience.

I encourage each one of you to take a look at these resources proactively!