My Personal Space and Blog

These days, most of our information and announcements come in the form of our SharePoint Team Blog @ I think a team blog is a great way to communicate information about a specific technology and provides many different perspectives. As a result of having a team blog *and* as a result of me focusing more and more on Office "14" (the next version of Office and SharePoint technology), I have less to blog about – more accurately, I can't really blog about Office "14" just yet. J

So, in an effort to completely separate my professional life from my personal life, I've set up my own "space" @ I'll use this space to post pictures, blog about non-SharePoint technology topics, et cetera. So if you're interested in learning about what's happening in my life, or simply reading about different thoughts and experiences on a number of topics, subscribe to my blog @

FYI - I'll still blog about anything SharePoint technology related here!