Person of the Year Humor

If you don't know by now, you'll be a little surprised. Time's Person of 2006 is YOU. I think that decision is very cheesy and a non-decision quite frankly. Their short list wasn't too impressive to begin with, so they decided to go with everyone. I suspect the YouTube founders won and Time decided that their success was largely the result of the millions of users out there.

In any case, irrespective of what your opinion is on the decision, you will find Chrysler's advertisement very funny. When you click on the link from, it auto-launches a flash advertisement. The flash advertisement is for Chrysler and the advertisement starts with "You may not be the person of the year… " (they continue by saying but you can drive like one...). When I saw that I laughed out loud, because I thought, but I am. J Clearly Chrysler went with a very safe, fun, appropriate advertising message… which turned out to be pretty funny because of Time's choice (or lack of).

Not sure if the advertisement is still playing… here's a screenshot of the opening screen: