Poker Analyzer Windows Phone 7 Application

If you’re a poker enthusiast and have a Windows Phone 7, I encourage you to check out an application I recently published: Poker Analyzer.

Poker Analyzer is for poker enthusiasts who want to improve their poker skills. Poker Analyzer gives accurate winning probabilities for any Texas Hold'em situation up to 12 players. With Poker Analyzer, you can choose specific cards and immediately see how the odds change - just like you see on TV!

This is an ideal application for anyone looking to play online poker, analyze various scenarios or just gain more insight into Texas Hold'em!

Features include:
- A simple user experience to choose cards with touch
- Ability to choose up to 12 player hands and 5 board cards; player hands can be known or unknown
- Accurate win, tie, straight and flush probabilities
- Tips on how to bet and play different hands
- Ability to fold a hand to see how odds change

A few things to note:

- This application does not require a data/Internet connection.
- The application takes into account all known player hands when providing odds making it more accurate. When hands are not known, it assumes random hands.
- When all player hands are known, for example when analyzing poker situations, the odds are meant to be 100% accurate.

It’s priced at $1.99 and proceeds will go to charity. Feedback always welcome!

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Here are some screenshots:

PA_Screen_1 PA_Screen_2 PA_Screen_3
PA_Screen_4 PA_Screen_5 PA_Screen_6
PA_Screen_7 PA_Screen_8