Rishad Wadia

One of my really good friends, Rishad Wadia, runs a small company that uses Microsoft technology. The company has about 15 people and they use Small Business Server for email and scheduling . I recently introduced him to the world of SharePoint technology and he's excited about its potential at his company. In fact, he has a Microsoft representative coming in to show how they can use more of the technology that they have already licensed to make themselves more productive.

I tend to focus a lot of my time on Enterprise customers... but talking to Rishad, it made me realize that there are a lot of small businesses that should be taking a look at WSS and how it can help automate business processes. Rishad's company has to create a lot of customer facing documents... and he's now going to use WSS for collaboration - pretty exciting stuff! All the employees run Office 2003... and now by setting up SharePoint extranet sites, they will be able to collaborate and publish content to many of their customers in a B2B scenario.

A message to small companies out there: check out WSS... and don't hesitate to contact your Microsoft representative to learn more about it.