SharePoint End User Training Update

I’m enjoying vacation right now and thought I would take a few minutes to update you on some SharePoint End User Training content and information. In my current role, my focus is Microsoft Project, but I continue hearing from friends, MVPs, customers and partners in the SharePoint community so here are a couple must check-outs for SharePoint End User Training. I’m a big believer that end user adoption is critical for a successful SharePoint deployment and end user training plays a big part:

Point8020’s ShowMe for SharePoint 2.0 
Point8020 just released version 2.0 of their ShowMe product that is focused on SharePoint end user training and help. Beyond delivering SharePoint 2010 end user training, the new version can be customized and custom training can be added. That’s very useful and something I’ve heard a lot about. It will also work in Office 365 – which is absolutely great to hear! You can check out for more information or watch the videos below:

ShowMe End User Training Video


ShowMe Adding Custom Training Video


SharePoint End User Books

I recommend checking out: