SharePoint Portal Server Discovery Kit

One of the pieces of feedback that I have received from partners and customers is that they don't immediately understand the value that SharePoint Portal Server provides over Windows SharePoint Services. We have several whitepapers that address this topic but we always received feedback that it still wasn't crystal clear. To address this, we are releasing the SharePoint Portal Server Discovery Kit very shortly that is targetted at IT Pros. It contains a 1) very detailed build book to walk you through building a SPS server, 2) a whitepaper and 3) 6 self-paced labs with detailed explanation. This allows you to "discover" SPS, if you will, in a short amount of time. The other benefit is that you don't have to build a separate server. If you already have SPS installed, you can use that. Based on the initial feedback we received, people really liked it... so if you're looking for something like this for yourself or for a customer, you'll see it very shortly.