Anything-to-PDF convertor

This is just too cool to keep to myself. 

Everyone should take a look at a utility available at which installs itself as a local printer, and converts anything you print into a PDF file.  We just tested it with an insane 150 page report and it converted it perfectly within seconds. It is freeware with optional registration for $9.95.  The same site is also offering a package with the PDF convertor, a PDF editor and an encryption/signature tool for $19.95.  And they have varied licensing plans- a 400 license pack is $1600 (Compare that to Acrobat, which will give you about 6 licenses for that price), and when getting into the mid-thousands it gets down to $1 a license.

I am usually one of those lazy developers who nevers to actually pay for freeware, but I might acually pay the 10$ for this one :)