BlogWave Beta 1 - Released!

This took a while longer than expected due to some personal/family matters which have been consuming my free time lately... But enough about me! 

This release focused on improving the overall quality, with lots of tightening and tweaking in both the code and the UI. It is the first release which I feel good enough about to label as a beta.

BlogWave v0.99.1 (Beta 1)
Last Updated: 9/26/2004
Download Link: (522K)

Change Log:

  • Added a Google adapter for syndicating Google search results as RSS. (Thanks Chris Sells for the idea!)
  • Improved Error handling and logging:
    • Log files are formatted as RSS feeds instead of plain text.
    • Adapter related errors (such as unhandled exceptions or invalid RSS output) are now trapped and logged separately for each adapter. This should simplify adapter development & debugging considerably. (Thanks Tristank!)
    • Adapter error logs and feed histories can be viewed via the Tools->Logs menu option. (see following screenshots)
  • Cooler and more informative icons
    • The Feed icons are dynamically composed based on the feed source and destination types. 
    • Custom adapter developers can provide icons which will be used for their adapters.
    • Added icons in various parts of the UI.
  • BlogWave will now use network authentication and proxies (if configured) when checking for newer versions.
  • Feeds are alphabetically sorted in the main list
  • Bug Fixes:
    • New feeds created by drag and drop were being assigned a title of 'TMP'.
    • The app would freak out and crash when encountering unknown source/destination types in the FeedSources.xml file. It now ignores such feeds.
    • Empty RSS feeds (feeds with no items/posts) are no longer considered errors. This was caused by a limitation of the RSS.NET code library. (Thanks Tristank!)
    • WSS source configuration screen no longer reports "Couldn't contact the server using the above URL and authentication settings" when attempting to create a new WSS feed. (Thanks Ian, Teresa, Jeremy and everyone else!)
    • Errors while uploading to an FTP site would cause the FTP adapter to abort without closing the FTP session.

The BlogWave FAQ has also been updated.

Screenshots of new or improved features:

More Icons!

Improved History and Error Logging

For more screenshots - you guessed it - see the BlogWave FAQ ...