BlogWave RC2

<6/2 Update: fixed 404 on download link>
<6/1 Update: The download link now points to RC3, which fixes the DateTime issue with non-US locales>

BlogWave is getting closer to v1.0. It's not quite there yet, but is close enough to take a peek at.  Just let me know of any bugs you run into!
Download it here (,1.01 MB)

New in Version 1.0 (RC2)

  • Added a new destination adapter to support Community Server v1.0
  • Added support for reading and aggregating ATOM v0.3 (Thanks Jon!)
  • Works better with certain proxies. ISA with NTLM authentication is still broken.
  • Added HTTPS (SSL) support, including sites using untrusted certs (the kind that trigger warning prompts in IE)
    • WSS and HTTP sources (Thanks Richard!)
    • WebDav destinations (Thanks Richard!)
  • Improved DateTime parsing to correctly handle RFC822, RFC2822 and W3C formats.
  • Correctly handles and creates enclosures when processing feeds (used by PodCasting/MediaCasting/BlogCasting/etc clients).
  • Several improvements and bug fixes for the WSS adapter:
    • WSS adapter would incorrectly process announcements with no "Link" property. Fixed (Thanks Scott!) 
    • The WSS adapter now automatically PodCasts document libraries (ie creates enclosures for the documents in the library).
  • New Rules engine. Slice, dice and do other cool stuff with the feeds that BlogWave creates!  Comes with support for the following rules:
    • Max # of posts per feed
    • Sort posts by Date
    • Auto-append footer/header to posts (including dynamic information such as source URL and time of posting)
    • Filter to include or exclude posts by keywords
    • Download enclosures
    • Add XSLT stylesheet link to RSS feeds for browser-friendly rendering
    • Web Scrape posts to convert link-only feeds (ala slashdot) into full feeds by copying the content from within the linked web pages.
  • Adding additional rules is easy - just compile an assembly which implements the IRssRule interface, and drop it into the 'Adapters' directory... See the code sample for more details.
  • Changed the default feed encoding from unicode to UTF-8 since unicode breaks some aggregators.
  • Bug Fix: FTP adapter would throw ugly exception if the FTP connection failed.
  • Bug Fix: Deleting all destinations from a feed would cause an exception
  • Improved the logging behavior - previously only automated (scheduled) activations were logged, now any activation is logged.
  • A different thread control model should improve responsiveness when cancelling long-running feed tasks in the UI.
  • Too many UI tweaks and improvements to mention.
  • Special thanks to Yaron B.S. for the detailed bug reports