Gadget Time [OT]

Over the weekend I found myself at the J&R in Manhattan, so indulged myself with some new gadgets.

The first was a Sony DVD burner. I have had my eye on these suckers for a while, and at 200$ they are starting to settle in a sweet price-performance spot. One DVD was enough to backup 3 years worth of digital pictures!  Of course most of those were with 0.5-2 MPix cameras unlike my current Coolpix 3100...  Next on the to-do list is to author a TV-friendly multimedia slideshow so my tech challenged grandparents in Israel what I've been doing in NY for the last year. 

Next gadget was the Archos 6000 MP3 player. 6GB, reasonable footprint, doubles as a USB HD. 120$.  Now I can finally do something useful with the daily commute, as soon as I figure out how to rip the audio from On a related note: the iPod is pure brilliance.  Steve Jobs is my UI god.